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  1. You agree that the audio files you send on SON2TEUF doesn't contain any audio parts susceptible to be protected. SON2TEUF is not responsible for the files you upload. SON2TEUF is not a host service for all kind of medias, we only accept your own compositions, however, we're good at it , well , we try to.
  2. So, if you send a composition that doesn't belongs to you , it will be automatically deleted, and we will be constantly ready to respect author rights and delete every protected composition located. Every thing here is free et must stay, we shoot on sight on the offenders, you've been warned.

  3. Your login and password are confidential , so you must keep them safe. Do not reveal them to anyone. If you loose those data's, you will easily find an option to retrieve them.

  4. SON2TEUF will never ask you those data's , and will never communicate your personal informations to any corporation or association , or any commercial structures, or other (c'est pas le genre de la maison). As such, we are registered at the CNIL , and conserve only download log files in order to generate download statistics, and only in this purpose.

    You own, according to the law, the right to access, edit , or delete any personal information. (article 34 of the law « Informatique et libertés » of 6 January 1978). to apply it, send a mail to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  5. You involve yourself to not have an insulting , libelous , racist, or homophobic speech. Always respect each other.

  6. Respect those conditions above and you will be ready to register. Enjoy :)